Starship Doi

By Alex Deva

A Sci-Fi novel about a third century Dacian, a young girl from year 1111, a modern day Englishman and a mysterious starship.

Alex Deva

Author - Alex Deva

Alex Deva was born in 1977 in Blaj, Romania.

Starship Doi is his third published book.

He works as a web developer, and he loves foreign languages, piloting helicopters and playing guitar. He lives in Tîrgu-Mureș, Romania, with his wife and two kids. Facebook Email Alex
His other book, a Romanian thriller.


Audiobook cover E-book cover draft Doina falling Aram Doi

Mihaela Morozan

Mihaela designed the book cover and several other works related to Starship Doi. An accomplished 3D and 2D graphic artist, as well as experienced game character designer, she lives and works in Timișoara, Romania. Email Mihaela
Mihaela Morozan


Kept me reading past my bedtime to finish in one sitting.
Great premise, interesting characters that could be better developed, ending on such a major cliffhanger could be a minus to some readers. All in all, I will gladly and happily buy book 2 when it comes out. Well done and thanks for the trip in your universe.

J. Eaves

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